I am an artist who works with oil paint. My other interests include performance & video art.

I find people & their bodies captivating. Our bodies are the fundamental instrument that we use to express ourselves & communicate to others with. Whether or not I agree with the content that is being express or communicated is irrelevant; I find it interesting either way. The purpose of my work is to show you such things. 

My work is not for everyone. If you want art that please everyone, then my work is not for you. My work is for those who’s interests in art goes beyond just another pretty picture. My work is to present another perception. My work is not about answering questions, but creating them. 

Things people have said about my work:

“Must be witnessed in real life!” -Jesse Bolin

“I don’t like it, I fuckin LOVE it.” -Jasmine Smith

“Stunning!!” -@beyondrealistic

I used to sign my work on the back in a very honest signature. I started to have collectors of my work asking me if I would sign the art that they had just purchased. It was then that I realized that my signature was being mistaken for nothing more than a scribble on the back of a canvas. I started to place an “X” before my signature & even a little drawing; something to show that this wasn’t just a random scribble. Finally in the beginning 2016, I developed a signature that I found suitable enough to go on the front of the artwork without distracting from the content.

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