"Absent of Absence"

Performed May 5, 2016, in the courtyard of the Modern Hotel & Bar for Modern Art 2016.  #ModernArt2016


Collaborated with artist Lukas Evergreen.

On a pathway formed into an infinity symbol, two artists crawled along the path, in the same direction, starting at opposing ends. While crawling, one artist continually laid down dirt (Lukas evergreen), while the other continually gathered it (Lisa Roggenbuck). This was performed for a duration of 5 hours. 

Artist Statement:

Life is always. Time is infinite. If you had nothing to show for it, would you still do it? Would you take the positive knowing that the negative would have to be experienced? The comfort is that you'll be brought back to center, back to whole, & back to zero.

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For more info on the artist Lukas Evergreen:  lukasevergreen.wixsite.com/artist

Documentary: about the creation & artist talk.

Lukas Evergreen & Lisa Roggenbuck performing Absent of Absence.